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available ebook-Retake Your Fame:Black Contribution to World Civilization. Vol. 1 (Revised Edition) to World Civilization Vol. 1 rev. ed.

This is an ebook I've worked on for a while and it contains very valuable information and the price is affordable. This is a revised edition of the original work available at many online book stores and is recommended. In the future I hope to offer some free ebooks.







CHAPTER 1: THE BEAUTY OF BLACKNESS – Black is a very powerful color; the founders of the world religions were Blacks, as well as many of the earliest gods and goddesses: Krishna of India, Jesus Christ, Tyr of Scandinavia, etc. The wonderful properties of melanin are also discussed.

CHAPTER 2: THE HIDDEN TRUTH – Much of the information contained in the book is summarized; the origin of the term “Nigger” is also explained.

CHAPTER 3: AFRICA, THE MOTHER OF CIVILIZATION – Discusses the etymology of “Africa;” Ancient Egypt (Kam) was a Black civilization; many renowned Greeks like Pythagoras, Dioscorides and Galen, studied under Black Egyptian priests; the Sphinxes have black visages.

CHAPTER 4: BUILDERS OF CHRISTIANITY – Ethiopia is the first nation mentioned in the Bible; Africa had Popes before Europe; many of the renowned Saints in history were Blacks, etc.

CHAPTER 5: THE STOLEN AND DISTORTED AFRICAN RELIGIONS – The foundations of the world’s major religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam originated from the Black race; Jesus Christ was Black; The Swastika, Cross and Ankh were ancient symbols of the Black race; Moses’ Ten Commandments originated in Africa; etc.

CHAPTER 6: THE BLACK PRESENCE IN BIBLICAL ANTIQUITY – The garden of Eden was located in Africa, the origin of humanity and not in Mesopotamia; The Bible is a book that deals mostly with the Black race; Abraham, the Father of the Hebrews was from Ur of the Chaldees and the Chaldees were Blacks; Blacks are a blessed race despite the so-called “Hamitic Curse;” the Hebrews were Blacks; the Black Madonna was worshipped throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

CHAPTER 7: THE GREAT BLACK WARRIORS – Discusses great Black warriors throughout history. The great Byzantine ruler, Nicephore Phocas, was Black; Rome had many Black warriors in their armies; Macrinus, a Black warrior, rose to become Emperor of Rome; Blacks fought in the Trojan War; Blacks have fought and distinguished themselves in all of America’s Wars, as well as in the World Wars, etc.

CHAPTER 8: THE BLACK PRESENCE IN AMERICA BEFORE COLUMBUS – Christopher Columbus was not the discoverer of the Americas; Blacks are the original race of the Americas; the “mysterious” Mound Builders were not Amerindians but Blacks just like the Olmecs of Meso America, etc.

CHAPTER 9: THE MOORISH CIVILIZATION OF EUROPE – The original Moors who conquered parts of Spain and Portugal (Iberia) in the 8th century were Blacks; the term “Moor” means Black. However, over the centuries, due to intermixture, the term “Moor” was also applied to lighter-skinned peoples (the Tawny Moors). Blacks were referred to as Blackamoors. The Moors, due to their remarkable erudition, uplifted Europe from the “Dark Ages” and helped usher in the renaissance, etc.

CHAPTER 10: BLACK ARTISTIC INFLUENCE – Blacks have influenced global artistic forms, in music, art, etc. Claude Debussy, George Gershwin, Anton Dvorak, Stephen Foster and many others have been influenced by Black music; The Blues, produced from African work songs and Spiritual music, has had a great effect on American music; Ragtime, Jazz, and Rock n Roll were the creation of Blacks; Elvis Presley was influenced by Black music; Other Black musical forms include Funk, Rap and Hip-Hop; The Central American Cumbia, The Samba (Brazil’s national dance), the Cuban Son, Rumba, Mambo, Merengue, Candombey, Calypso, etc, were all Black creations.

CHAPTER 11: FERTILE BLACK MINDS – Discusses many Black inventions such as the alphabet, medicine, etc.

CHAPTER 12: ANCIENT BLACK CIVILIZATIONS – Touches on the many Black civilizations that once thrived throughout the world, in Asia (India, China, Japan, Vietnam, etc.), Africa, Mesopotamia, Europe, etc. We learn, for instance, that the earliest inhabitants of the British Isles and Ireland were Blacks, namely, the Firbolgs, Nemedians, Picts, Tuatha de Danann, and so on. These “pygmies” are the leprechauns, dwarfs, brownies and so on of European legends, etc.

CHAPTER 13: THE HIDDEN GREAT BLACK MEN AND WOMEN – It is a little-known fact that many famous men and women of antiquity who have passed as Whites were Blacks or had Black intermixture. They include Beethoven, the Dumas family, Circe of Greek mythology, Joseph Hayden and Alexander Pushkin, etc.

CHAPTER 14: BLACK RESISTANCE TO FOREIGN DOMINATION – Africans have fought courageously throughout history to protect themselves from heartless invaders; Hannibal was Black and there are coins to prove it, etc.

CHAPTER 15: BLACK SLAVE REVOLTS – Blacks never willingly accepted their role as slaves, and the massive slaves revolt from Iraq to the Americas IS A TESTAMENT to this fact.



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